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White Horse Theatre

HP 2019 White Horse TheatreAll´s well that ends wellAuch in diesem Jahr war das White Horse Theatre wieder mit zwei Stücken in englischer Sprache zu Gast bei uns.

Here are two reports:

“The Green Knight“

On the 11th February, 2019,  year 5, 6 and 7, including my class 7d went to the city hall to watch the “White Horse Theatre“. The play was about King Arthur who was celebrating New Year´s Eve with his knights, till they got interrupted by a knight with green skin. He said that one of the knights could knock off his head (he asked for a challenge and wanted to play a game). One of the knights, called Sir Gawain, tried it but failed. Surprisingly, the knight did not lose his head. He now told Sir Gawain that he had to meet him at the so called green chapel in a year and that he then would try to knock off his head in return. At this point the adventure started.

I really liked the play, because I think that the play was very interesting and the actors were also very nice. Their impression and the way they talked were classic. Also the play was really well played because the story included a message which was that absolutely nobody is perfect and that everyone can fail. Moreover, the song that they sang in the end was pretty funny and nice. I liked their voices and how they danced while they sang.

The only thing that I did not like about the play was that some parts were a bit too long and it got boring. I also liked the part were we could ask the actors questions  and got answers. My favorite question was “What was the most embarrassing moment that happened to you on stage?“ One of the actors responded that when something like that happens, they help each other out. I really loved that answer, because it showed how close they are.

I was very lucky that I got a seat in the front so I saw nearly everything. In my opinion the play was just awesome and I liked how nice the actors were to us. And I liked that there were also many funny parts in the play which made me laugh and I was not about to fall asleep, like in a lot of other plays before... ; )

Also I really enjoyed listening to their British accent which was pretty cool and authentic. In sum a really nice trip and I enjoyed every single moment. So that´s my opinion. Thanks for reading.  (by Maryam Baiwa, 7d)

HP 2019 White Horse Theatre The Ring
“All´s well that ends well”

Just like every other year the”White Horse Theatre” visited Groß Gerau to perform a few English plays. This time we saw “The Green Knight” for classes 5-7 and “All´s well that ends well” for classes 8-10.

The play “All´s well that ends well”, originally written by William Shakespeare, is about the young servant Helena who falls in love with a general who is out of her league, but she still does everything to marry him. It is performed by four actors from England, who rewrote the script into more simple English to make it more understandable for us students.

As always the actors gave their best and at the end of the play they allowed us to ask any questions that we had and answered all of them.

(by Ruqayya Sinhawansa and Nina Davis, 8a)


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