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Pädagogischer Tag des Kollegiums
12 Apr 2019 - 12 Apr 2019
08:00 - 17:00
letzter Schultag vor den Osterferien

Trip to the UK 2018

UK 2018 Rocky beachUK 2018 Rocky beachOur journey to England started on Saturday morning, April 21st, with a 16 hours bus ride. The first obstacle we had to overcome faced us when the bus arrived two hours later because of an exploded tire. After that we finally managed to leave and begin our trip full of excitement and expectations.

Around 8pm we eventually arrived in Bournemouth, ready to meet our host families. Everyone got picked up by their host families and after we had got to meet the rest of the family and had had a little snack we fell extremely tired into bed.

On Sunday we did a bus tour with an English guide who told us legends and pretty funny stories about the English culture and history. We visited the filming location of the movie “Pirates of the Caribbean” which was very exciting even if the view was not that great because of the fog. We really got to experience English weather because it changed within minutes. One minute the sun was shining and the other it started to rain heavily.

 UK 2018 At the PortUK 2018 At the Port

On Monday we had our first lessons at Cavendish school. The teachers were really funny and the morning went by quickly. In the afternoon we had freetime in Bournemouth so we went shopping and hung out at the beach because the weather was amazing. In the evening we spent time with our host families and improved our English skills.

The second day of school we were not lucky with the weather. It was constantly raining so we had to skip our program for the afternoon and play Laserquest in Bournemouth. The evening was free and some students met at a park to enjoy the evening together and some other just stayed at home with their host families.

Wednesday there was no school, because we spent the whole day in Portsmouth. After a short tour along the harbour guided by a member of Cavendish school, we had to interrupt the tour because it started raining, just to remind us that we were in England. We decided to go shopping in Portsmouth´s Outlet which everyone judged as a good decision. The weather got better by the minute and because the evening was off, many students met in parks or watched football.

On Thursday we just had class in the afternoon - that´s why we spent the morning together in Poole. We could see the most expensive boats in the world and where they are being built, which was interesting. It was pretty windy and cold but you had a great view especially on the viewing platform near the harbour. We spent the rest of the morning in the centre of Poole until we drove back to school around 1pm. Everyone had their last lesson at Cavendish school and after that, we spent our last evening in Bournemouth together by singing Karaoke. It was a funny last evening. At our host families´ it was also the final evening and everyone enjoyed it differently.

UK 2018 Squirrel

The last day in England was also the most exhausting, longest and most interesting of our whole stay in England. We spent the entire day in London. The weather was not what you would wish it to be. It was a mixture of rain, wind and cold temperatures. The first hour was filled with a sightseeing tour held by a guide from Cavendish school. All the guides who travelled with us were very amusing and friendly and so was our last one. We visited Trafalgar Square, Westminster Abbey, the Buckingham Palace and more sights like those. We had the complete afternoon to experience the City of London, go shopping in Oxford Street and feed squirrels in parks. We finished this lovely class trip with the Tate Modern Museum before we got picked up by our bus driver and started our journey towards home. We were pretty lucky with our bus driver so thankfully time passed quickly and around twelve o’clock everybody arrived healthy and extremely tired in Groß-Gerau.

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